Click Pay Earn Pakistan Real OR Fake

Click Pay Earn Pakistan Real OR Fake

I know Everyone wants to know that Click Pay Earn Pakistan Real OR Fake. So In today article I will discuss that Click Pay Earn is Real OR Fake

Click Pay Earn is a investment site & many people are investing their hard earn money on this site. People are investing on this website because they hope that they will get a handsome return/profit on their investment. Now lets start the discussion & discuss that Click Pay Earn Pakistan Real OR Fake

Click Pay Earn Account Banned

But now a day many people are complaining that their accounts are banned. So I am writing this article to discuss complete detail of this website & some other same website. And I also give my suggestion that you should invest on these website or not.

Why I am Writing this Article

I am writing this article just for information from my personal experience with similar sites. And I am not responsible for any loss or damage. After reading this article you can analysis thing by yourself.

Similar Sites

A year ago there was website same like Click Pay Earn. Many peoples invest on this site. But after six month website turned off. Peoples who invest on earlier stage not only recover their investment. But also earn a handsome amount of profit on their investment. But Peoples who invest on letter stage lose their whole investment.

Similarly in 2016 there was another website name It was a multinational website that sell share of different products like oil share, gold shares etc. Infect I also invest on this site I buy almost $700 Oil Shares & I could recover only $400. Many people invest on this site with my reference. Because I told them that I am getting return on my invest.

I also give them proofs so they trust me invest on this site but unfortunately after some time like other website this website also stop working many people lose their investment.

 I was very disappointed because some people lose their hard earned money just because of me as I recommend this website to him. Anyway I pay them a little bit from my own pocket because they can’t afford to lose their all money

Last year another website become very popular. The name of this website was They also pay by watching ads but for watching ads first you have to buy their plans same like Click Pay Earn. One of my friend invest on this site. At start he invest $500 & not he only recovered his investment but also receive $300 profit on their investment. So total he received $500+$300=$800. Now he was very happy.

Now he was recommending & insisting other friends & family member’s to invest on this website. He also give proof that he got a handsome profit on their investment in just one half month. He was insisting others because if someone join using his referral link he also get some referral commission.

I warn him & tell my experience about these websites but he didn’t trust me. Now this time he sell his some electronic gadgets convenes some friends for partnership & He invest more than $4000 on this website.

After one week he start getting return of his investment, but he received this return just for 3 weeks in which he received only $900 & then company run away & he lose $3100. This was a huge lose for him. Now he is in depression.

I told you these stories just for reference because these are real stories that I experience in my life…

Now if we talk about how these websites run/work & why initially they pay?After losing my investment I did deep research on this question. And I found that these type of business is called multi-chain Network business. Which run only with their new costumers same like “Double Shah”  I think many people know about “Double Shah”.

“Double Shah” was a person who double your investment, initially he double your investment in a week. After some time when many people become their costumer then he start doubling investment in 1 month & latter he double investment in two months. Their scheme also based on multi network.

Initially he doubles money of some people from their own money. But after some time when he has many clients they take money from one client & double the investment of other client with this money. Soon he won the faith of many peoples, & many people invest in millions to double their money.

Now when he has enough money he scams the people & run away. Although latter he was arrested but he was a genius mind person. He didn’t return even a single penny to anyone because no one has proof that he give his hard earned money to him, You can read his story in detail from Google.

Anyways this story is just for reference I am talking about these sites. These website also work on same principle that they take money from their new costumers that joined them & give others people, who insist other people to join & invest on these sites, because these fake companies/website also greed them that if they bring more costumers company will give them a handsome amount of commission. When website owners feel that now they have collected enough money from peoples then they shut down the website & run away

So I share my personal experience with you. Now I will not give you any suggestion that you should invest on Click Pay Earn or not because if you read above article & you have a sense then you can easily decide by yourself that you should invest on this site or not because a hint is more then enough for a wise person.

I also want to ask something to the people who are getting profit on their investment or other agents that  please don’t insist the people to invest on these website until you are 100% sure that these website/scheme are 100% legal and website/scheme is registered with government authorities & also this website/scheme is running from many years without any interruption.

Because may be someone earned this money for marriage of their daughter, for the education of their child, or for ant medical treatment of their beloved one. He invest this money just because of you give them surety about these site. But when these companies/websites run away they not only broke their dreams but also some time they take their life’s.

Click Pay Earn Pakistan Real OR Fake
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