COVID-19: how to treat coronavirus at home

Today we are going to share with you how to treat corona patient at home/Corona Virus Treatment At Home. First of all don’t think it to be applicable for every kind of patient. Because symptoms and severity is totally different for every kind.

You should be treating your patient under observation of authentic doctor. Do not take these prescription as the last word treatment. Anti viral medicines mostly are very costly and not available in Pakistan. therefore in this article medications apart from anti viral will be discussed.

Symptoms and Early Measures:

Corona Virus Treatment At Home

When someone in your home is showing symptoms like flue, headache, fatigue, fever until the results of tests. Treat that person like a corona patient.

Get your test done as soon as possible. which is a very simple test whose kits are available in most of the laboratories cross Pakistan. Test is compulsory to assure that you are treating corona patient.

If the symptoms show up what the first thing you should do? First of all think of others, make them safe, think of their safety so that, they might not get that from you.

secondly Refrain yourself to one room and limited the things to the maximum extent, preferably with the attached washroom.

Take a spraying gun that is easily available in the market. Fill it with water, Dettol and 5th part of cup bleach and spray regularly the entire room.

Corona Virus Treatment At Home

A person entering the room must sprayed thoroughly whenever enter or leave the room. Try to bring disposable things to that room and throw into the bin having big shopper. also Try to make only one attendant of the patient and rest of the members stay away as possible as they can. Attendant should use N95 mask or any other high quality mask covered with any ordinary mask.

Put on a shield on your face. Wear gloves on your face while entering the room and after attending the patient everything should be cleansed, sanitized, if possible get rid of all of them. Try to stay away from hospital if your patient is not that severe. Let the hospital be for the patients in need of oxygen assistance or ventilation.

If you feel sick you should rest, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food. Sit in a separate room from other family members, and use a dedicated toilet if possible.

Clean and disinfect areas that are often exposed.
Everyone should have a healthy lifestyle at home. Keep healthy eating, sleep, stay active, and communicate with your loved ones by phone or online. Children need more love and attention from adults during difficult times. Maintain regular habits and schedules as much as possible.

It is not uncommon to feel sad, depressed, or confused during a disaster. Talking to people such as friends and family. If you feel frustrated, talk to a health worker or counselor.


Corona Virus Treatment At Home

If we talk about medication, there is huge variety of medicines in market but preferably azithromycin 250mg one tablet is given to the patient in morning & one in evening because it’s effective and safe. But the complication attached to it is diarrhoea.

If your patient is having such outcome don’t stop medication try to give him ORS or other things to control diarrhoea. But in case of severe and non going diarrhoea shift towards another medicine called as cephtriaxone 1g in the morning one in evening in the form of injection.

But as there is unavailability of injection service shift towards levofloxacin 500mg it has no such side effects. There is another antibiotic called Vibramycin can also be added. This is only an empirical therapy in order to fight bacterial diseases as a result of corona virus.

If patient has no stomach ulcer then 150 mg aspirin should be given once a day because blood coagulation is seen in most of the peoples. And most of the young deaths has occurred because of blood coagulation. Mostly in lungs infiltrate formation occurs, to avoid such conditions aspirin is given.

Fixit 60mg

Moreover anti-histamine named fixit 60mg one in the morning at one at night is given to ease the respiratory infections & throat irritation. Hydroxychloroquine 2 tablets two times a day for a week. Overall medication until now is:

Azithromycin, chloroquine, aspirin, fexit, this is proper medication for the healthy person having only corona infection. As fever is the prominent feature in this case, when a patient feel that is having a fever, should instantly take bath and afterwards be at some cold place along with it take Panadol.

This whole process is for the patient having no other problem such as diabetes, syrosis, kidney problems, heart issues and many other problems, these patients should instantly consult doctors and follow the treatment prescribed by him.

Tests and Examination:

Tests that should be immediately perform include CBS, see reactive protein test, DE dimer test. If any changes show up in these tests instantly consult your doctor because their might be need of anti-coagulants either in the form of tablets or injections.

If patients breathing rate exceeds 20 per minute that is alarming condition and need external assistance of oxygen. There is a machine available in market to check oxygen saturation in blood.

Home Remedies:

Ginger water, lemon, black seeds, honey, Senna Makki including everything that boosts your immunity and has no certain side effects should be added in your daily routine. Luke warm water in case of cough.

Most of the people get normal symptoms and through normal medications get better but some of them get serious symptoms and need the medications as prescribed above. Anyone get to the next stage should not be treated at home having disturbance in d dimer and oxygenation problems.


Apart from all the proper precautionary measures and treatment, despite of being of a science student its my core thinking that its Divine’s decision whom will get this disease,

Our part is to get every precaution done and strong our relation with God. so, we should invest in our immunity, intellect, spirituality and body. So if we have to leave this world we are satisfied. If someone is caught in this situation should try to gain out of that thing.

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