Everything You Want to Know About Depression and Symptoms

Today we are going to discuss about Depression and Symptoms Causes & Treatments. In our society there is stigma attached to see psychological or psychiatrist whether the condition is normal or worst.

Think consciously that is it matter that what society is going to think or utter at your condition. your act towards your mental health or the misery attached to it matters. The thing that matters is your opinion.

First of all the patients consult psychologists, any mental health related department whether they are from urban areas or rural. how much they are educated or from elite class. their first question is “How to hide that fact that their child is going through some mental problems”. before even starting treatment they are looking for the solution to hide problem from their closed ones.

That is the biggest issue going on in our society. Their are various sort of issues giving rise to mental health problems and various diseases are also responsible for that. It’s pleasant to see that norms are changing gradually in our culture. And people are getting aware of the severity of these problems.

so, now people have started consulting for them or their closed ones to mental health departments. Though the thinking has been changed to some extent but still there are reservations of people related to certain things.

In our society when  it comes to some physical illness or injuries we get to see our friends and family members and sympathies the patient and family members but when it comes to mental health or disorders related to it we hide it to extent we can.

Specifically for girls it come to problems related to their marriages that’s the genuine issue because of the thinking of whole society. Because mental issues cannot be treated it can be managed. Just like diabetes which cannot be treated completely but can be managed with medicines and diet but still it fluctuates. But in magazines and certain newspapers it is clearly stated that diabetes can be completely treated with this and that which is totally wrong.

The only thing that can help is management. If you start managing your lifestyle in correlation with diabetes you start living just kike a normal person same is the case with mental issues once you know about what works in your case and properly manage it you can easily live a normal life. First thing you should do is taking an initiative and go to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

He will analyse your condition and recommend to psychotherapy accordingly. Medicine can only fix the neurotransmitters it cannot help your approach neither it can build certain skills helpful in the certain cause nor it can teach you management regarding your issues and future building.

What is depression?

If we describe Depression or Anxiety it is just getting a very small thing to be very huge like a needle falling can hit you badly.

Now a days it has become trend to say i m depressed or having depression on very little things and don’t actually know what depression actually is. so, This is not that simple. Because Depression actually feels like hammering thing in your brain over nothing what other feels which is very painful.


There are frequent crying spells over little things. Loss of appetite to such extent that you kind of get rid of eating and not having cravings for most appealing dishes. After that Negative thoughts on every aspect And you think you are worthless why you even born in this world.

This world doesn’t mean for you. No on understands you, you are worth nothing and when this thought process goes on to next level then suicidal thoughts take place sometimes people do suicide out of depression. We also start thinking bad about people that they are bad and start to cutting people down their lives.

Pessimistic Approach

We shouldn’t have pessimistic approach towards life we should always be optimistic. Optimism is very important because our thinking and thought process affects our doings.

In depression you are highly in pain. you cannot sleep and wake early your sleep cycle is highly affected one. You have that much negative thoughts and are repetitive that you can’t fall asleep.


If you are having 2 to 3 hour sleep it is that much fractured that is equal to no sleep. That is affecting every other part of your body and your mental health get worst.

Sometimes people when get diagnosed with depression they try to treat it by their own because they take it too lightly and easy to deal with. But in clinical depression your neurotransmitters are evolved so it is impossible to treat it without medical help and medicines. Along with that you need psychotherapy and proper counselling.


Sometimes depression run in families and is genetically transferred from one generation to another. Such as anxiety and certain medical disorders run in families. Difficult circumstances also have direct relation to it such as business losses, transfer from one place to another also affects emotionally and you cannot cope with that, certain deaths of your loved ones.


There are certain strategies to cope with certain unfavorable circumstances, to avoid depression. For this purpose you need proper counselling to deal and fight with depression. When you are in depression you cannot sleep despite of having healthy life style, you cannot talk well, you cannot go for work or outing and cannot eat well. When you see the people in depression they are more quiet because they are in pain.


Do you really care about your mental health? Ask yourself.  Because we take care of our physical health by going outside, outings, yoga and a lot of stuff but what about mental health. First take it in look that how much your mental health is important, that much your physical health is important.

First of all choose your people in front of whom you are easy to be. Who are easy to talk with, who understands you well, who are not judgmental.

after that you should learn how to say no to people, how to be optimistic.

For yourself you, should be on priority. Don’t pile up things in yourself talk to people who are trust worthy and not judgmental.

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