Hair Fall Causes & Solutions

Hair Fall Causes & Solutions. Today we are going to talk about hair and hair related issues such as hair fall, faded or non-shiny and premature graying of hair. We are going to talk about such type issues and their treatment in this small article. Most important and prominent issues reported in clinics on daily basis are related to premature graying, dull texture, and hair fall or less growth.


Family history (genetics):

This is one of the major causes of hair loss caused by genetic factors such as baldness of male and female pattern. It is said that there are patterns and symptoms that can be expected such as hair loss and baldness in men and hair loss in women that occurs gradually as a person ages.

Medications and Supplements:

Hair loss might be a side effect of certain type of drugs, such as the drugs that are used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout and high blood pressure. And thanks to the use of anti depressants, anemia, bodybuilding supplements, Anabolic steroids.


Iron deficiency leads to anemia. A small amount of air is carried into the scalp, starved to death, and eventually causes a slightly similar hair loss. Vitamin C deficiency and the use of caffeine and alcohol can also prevent iron absorption. Drinking fruit juices by absorbing iron-rich dietary supplements, which helps hair to grow back.

Eating Disorders:

The growing phase of the hair cycle is stopped prematurely by reducing food intake. The hair loses its luster and falls off. Those who suddenly lose weight, or lose weight on their diet in order to lose weight, may have hair that looks miserable. The solution is to eat a lot of protein especially during breakfast and also do not skip meals, not junk food. Too much vitamin A and protein deficiency are major causes.

What are the Impacts of Hormonal Issues?

Common issues mostly reported are because of hormonal effects on hair. Now, what are the types of hormonal imbalance effecting our hair growth or structure? Common hormone of male and female named “DHD” stands for “Dihydrotestosterone”. It is in high ratio in males than in female.

But if it is produced in high quantity can cause hair fall. Thyroid issue is most common in our society specifically in females. Most common symptom related to thyroid problem is hair fall, to that extent that patients start approaching doctors.

Moreover histories of patients show speed weight gain or loss in such patients frequent sweating, more effect of cold and hot temperature. Second most problem reported PCOS, known as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Hair fall is most significant in this case. Moreover home based people plans their diet on their own, that’s why they are lacking protein in their diet which triggers hair fall.

Different phases in women’s life such as menu pause and pregnancy has direct effect on hair fall. Just like thyroid hormone imbalance, PCOS has also symptoms such as unnecessary hair growth on different parts of body. History of weight gain and loss is also present, menstrual cycle is disturbed. Likewise thyroid imbalance.

To figure out hair fall related problems you should have a profile on the basis of previous symptoms. Moreover in order to rule out hair fall, you should have a profile of CBC, which shows we have any infection in our body because hair fall occurs because of infections. You should have profile of T3, T4, TSH, serum FSH, LH, testosterone level. Most importantly vitamin D which is the most common issue in our society. Vitamin D deficiency occurs because of lack of eggs, milk, yogurt in our diet and lest sun exposure.

Premature Graying of Hair and Their Causes?

Premature means greying before the certain age. Our common perception related to this issue is greying of hair is genetic problem or outcome of some allergens. We don’t rule out nutritional deficiencies because of which premature greying of hair occurs. Most importantly Vitamin D deficiencies should be rule out. When we talk about premature greying that means at the age between 20-30.Sometimes children cases of grey hair comes which are having Vitamin D deficiencies.

How to Stop Premature Graying?

Recover your Vitamin D by taking supplements, proper medications such as multi vitamins. If hormonal problems are the cause, take your diet properly along with fruit intake. Specifically fruits should be taken in excess, along with vegetables. Moreover dairy products along with multivitamins specifically for the women having thyroid or PCOS issue. Evening primrose oil should also be taken. It is available in the form of gel or capsule. These types of issues should be settled with one dose of these capsules everyday.

Home Remedy?

Alovera gel is very effective home remedy. Gel is extracted by cutting Alovera plant from the centre and extracted gel is refrigerated. Boys who use different kinds of chemical gels should devoid of them and start using Alovera gel as it is medically effective and gives good cosmetic appearance. I want to request you all from this platform that you should not onion juices on your scalp because it closes pores and the medical treatment which is previously applicable and efficient, no more works on closed pores.

What Treatment for Hair Fall?

Treatment done at clinics includes

PRP. It is very good and natural treatment. In this your blood and plasma is used which contains growth factors that boost up your hair growth. One hair goes through three stages. First is growing phase, second is resting phase in which no growth occurs. If this stage remains untreated, it moves to shedding phase. PRP makes the recovery of hair in shedding phase. We also treat through medicines which includes certain advanced techniques. They not only reduce hair fall but also strengthen hair, specifically for the people having continuous hormonal problems, such treatments are very suitable.

If you start losing hair with an inherited pattern, you can reduce further hair loss by using minoxidil (Rogaine) or finasteride (Propecia). Minoxidil can be used by both men and women, while finasteride is usually used only for men

Hair Fall
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