How I Earned Online $312

In today article I will tell you how you How I Earned Online $312 on in just One Month.

Its Feb 2020 I was searching on Google that how to make money online without investment. Because I have lost my $1000+ by investing on some fake websites… & Finally Now I found a real methods to make money online.


Previously I was searching for some short-cuts ways to make money online But believe me all short-cuts are scam because I am saying this from My Experience… If you have enough money & you want to waste it then you can go for these short-cuts.

  • I lost my money on a share trading website
  • And I lost my money on a crypto-currency website
  • Then I lost my money on a ads website

I am writing this article to save all of you from these scam methods…& tell you How I Earned Online $312 in legit way

So in Feb 2020 I realize that If I want to earn online then best platform is freelancing because In Online market place only freelancing is the best way to make money without investing a single penny…

Then I start Searching best platform for freelancing because there are too many platform for freelancing in market like People per hour,,, & many others, But the best one that I found for beginners is

Because Fiverr structure is very simple your profile on fiverr is like a shop that you open in market & you offer your goods in the form of services in this online market…

If you create a professional profile on fiverr, it’s like you open a very nice shop in market 

Click Here to learn how to create a professional profile on fiverr & If you create a SEO friendly gig start getting some order then No one stop you for making $500+ per month in next month

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Because I earned $300+ in very first month when I start working on fiverr. Now I will tell you my strategy that how I earn more than three hundred dollar on very first month

I was created my fiverr account in 2016 As I told you above that I want to earn through short-cuts so I forget this account, in Feb 2020 I recover this account & learn some methods that how to create SEO friendly gig, & how to make the profile professional

While creating your gig one think keep in mind that category of every gig should be different, Because many beginners do this mistake & then they ask why I am not getting order “I am not getting order although I am working on fiverr from last 5 month even from one or two year”

So if you want to be successful on fiverr in short time then create your gigs with different categories..

For example following are the some categories of my gigs

  1. WordPress
  2. Data Entry
  3. Email Verification
  4. File Conversion
  5. Resume building
  6. Lead generation
  7. Domain name search

Now after creating gigs. You have to promote your shop I mean to say that you have to promote your gigs This can be done by two methods

No. 1

Promote your gig on social media. For this purpose you can join different Facebook groups & share your every gig link in these groups. You can join different what’s up groups for fiverr gig promotion. You can share your gig on twitter or other social media platforms

Benefit of this sharing is that whenever someone open your profile or gig whether he buy your services or not Fiverr become happy from you because you are bringing traffic on their site from genuine sources like Facebook, twitter, or from what’s up groups, So in return fiverr rank your gig.

This ranking depend on number of visitor that open your gig or profile if your visitors are too many then you may get rank on first page.. & when your gig is on first page its mean soon you will definitely get an order


Second method is my favorite method & believe me this is the only way for beginners for getting their First order on fiverr. Promote your gig through Request section in fiverr & tell the buyer about your presence in the market & tell them which service you are offering & your expertise about your gig.

Every day you can send only ten requests to buyers so you have to use these request wisely. First read the buyer requirements deeply & send him request only if you really can do this task

because if buyer hire you & you fail to deliver the project it is not good for your profile because your order completion rating will goes down & it also leave a very bad impression on the buyer.

As I mention above that creation of gig with different categories is very important I ask these words because of this As when you have  gigs with different categories then more request will be shown. Try to send your all ten requests of the day.

The proposal that you are send should be very impressive, that when buyer read it he must contact with you, I have sample of proposal that I use initially & believe me I got 2 orders on my second day from this proposal.

Hi, Sir Hope you are fine… Sir I am really interested in this project. I am a professional resume designer/writer. I can make your resume more attractive & professional. My purpose is 100% Customers satisfaction,

So I offer unlimited number of revisions. I am sure i can do this task with best quality. If you are willing to hire me for this project then please contact me so that we discuss the project in detail & I start working on it. I am sure you will be very happy from my work

Waiting for your response.

Best Regards,


That’s all I am 100% sure if you apply these strategies you can easily get your first order on fiverr also you can make more than $500 per month from beginning of your freelancing journey on fiverr.

I you are interested to learn that that how you can create your profession profile on fiverr then Click Here

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If you have any question you can ask in comments section below 


How I Earned Online $312
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