How to Build a Professional Profile on

How to Build a Professional Profile on In today’s Article I am going to cover the proper way to fill up all necessary information to create a stunning fiverr profile. For Fiverr, the first thing most buyers will do before clicking the “Buy” button is to check your merchant profile.

It is important to invest some time and think in your profile, you want to create a page that clearly shows who you are and what makes you different. From your image to your description, think of your profile as a way to advertise yourself, your skills, and why your customer should choose you.

Without further time waste let’s begin to create a new profile to sell any service we have to click on become a seller button

Seller Button

In this space you will see some recommendation of services other peoples are providing on Fiverr but as we are going to create a profile to provide data entry and file conversion services.

So we have to click on “ become a seller” button now from this pop-up you can use your Facebook account to register with fiverr. in this case your Facebook profile name have to be accurate with the second option right


and continue with Google you can integrate your logged in Gmail account to create your fiverr profile but for this demo account and tutorial purpose I am going to use the manual way to create the profile.

I am going to enter the demo email address here in this field and then clicking on continue button in this page we have to choose a fiverr username which will be used to log into fiverr account

User Name & Password

it will show on fiverr and a password which will have to be minimum 8 characters with lowercase uppercase and number included I am typing a username and here

In this field writing the password which has lowercase uppercase in the number well some of you might going to be little confused with the term

so here are the example of uppercase B lowercase b and the numbers  (e.g Fiverr123)  in password now it’s time to click on join button so Fiverr send an email

Account Activation

and we have to activate the email address I have just activated the account as you can see the message here so now from the space we have three Steps to complete to have a nice profile

So I am going to follow all the Instructions here in this page we have to provide our personal information in description field we have to provide a bit information about ourselves skills and the services we are going to provide

This is an important section clients will read this section most of the time to learn about us

Now we have to select the language we know and the fluency level click on add now we have profile picture this is another important section to take care to build up a stunning profile


It is human nature to want to see the contact’s face. If you can have a profile picture that clearly shows your face, it will make your profile look professional and will show consumers that they are working with a person. it’s always best to use a friendly looking smiling picture of yourself and now going to upload it here now clicking on continue to proceed to the next page

here we have to provide our link for in this page we have to select our skills experience levels and availability in availability selection you can choose part-time or full-time option based on your time schedules


I am choosing full-time from the drop-down or I can work button you can select how many hours you can work each week on Fiverr I am choosing more than 30 hours in this case from I would love to earn option obviously more than 1000 USD per month everyone wants more now


I have to specify the skills in this section as I am creating this profile to do data entry and conversion service I am going to choose data entry experience level intermediate then we can add more relevant skills from the suggestions

I’m adding more skills and expertise levels now below so I have added relevant skills please take a closer look for better understanding now it’s time to provide our educational information


Although it’s a demo profile I am going to add mine to make it easier certification if you have any certificate you can add them it could be annual event certificate

Or maybe a certificate from any course YouTube recently that is relevant to your service well I don’t have any so I’m skipping and clicking on continue

Social Media Linking

Now here we are in the third step linking social media and professional profiles this is to pull trust and to make your profile standout you can associate your Facebook Google or LinkedIn profile

if you have presence on drywall or Stack Overflow you can connect them as well the more you integrate the more your profile is strapped profile strength as I don’t have much social presence with the email I am going to add only Google profile

How to Build a Professional Profile on

now it’s time to click on continue and create your first beam so basically the creation steps are completed and now we have a fiverr profile let’s take a look on our profile so here is our profile just created let’s set some info here

Profile is Ready (How to Build a Professional Profile on

so now we are all ready to create a new gig to start Selling so we are in a conclusion of this article let us know if you have any question in the comment section below hope to see you in the next article on how to create an effective gig.

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Have a good time

How to Build a Professional Profile on
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