How to Improve Skin Appearance

Skin is the body’s largest organ. When it’s healthy its layer works hard to protect us. But when it is compromised its efficiency as a protective barrier is impaired. We therefore have to found the best ways to improve skin health to support it in maintaining its protective role. So today in this article we will discuss How to Improve Skin Appearance ??


Everyone in this world wants to look perfect.  Actually we are living in a very pathetic society where everyone is judged by her skin appearance skin tone or skin color. White color of skin is considered as a sign of beauty. Because of increasing skin cosmetics and unhealthy conditions, skin problems are also increasing. Many women don’t take care of their skin because of hectic routine. To look good you must have a healthy skin appearance. If you are worried about your skin appearance and skin problems than get relaxed. We are here to solve all your skin appearance related problems. In this article we shall discuss how we can improve our skin appearance.

The steps which could be taken to improve the skin appearance :

Following are some steps and methods by which you can enhance your skin appearance.

  • Consider the Water
  • Consider the Quality of air
  • Keep the stress check
  • Take green tea
  • Switch to plain toothpaste
  • Watch sun exposures indoor
  • Monitor your dairy intake (if you have acne)
  • Pay attention ti your cleanser
  • Choose water based hair products
  • Check your medicine cabinet
  • Sleep a full night
  • Take skin health foods
  • Keep moisture in the skin
  • Quit smoking

Now we have to discuss the above points with some common facts that how does it prove to be beneficial by keeping them in sight.

1 Water Quality :

Water quality is a major factor which can heal and improve your skin appearance. If your water is soft, then it is unable to remove the soap products fully. So you have to use the face and body cleansers sparingly. But if your water is hard, then there’s a greater need of using cleansers as it can lead to dryness of your skin. Daily use 7 liters of water to heal your skin.

2) Air Quality :

Avoiding the smoky environment is very important for your skin as the smoky environment can have free radicals which can wrinkles. The indoor air is also important to be noted well. If you’re cooking with oil use the fan over the range. Keep changing your furnace filter covers. Too much dry indoor air can dehydration to your skin and the fine lines become more noticeable. During work notice the quality of air to improve and enhance your skin appearance.

3) Stress Check:

It has been found that the students suffering from stress have more chances to develop acne than those who are under less pressure. As stress causes the secretion of hormones which make skin oilier and decreases the skin’s ability to fight acne causing bacteria. Don’t take too much stress because it will destroy your skin.

4)  Green Tea:

If you take green tea it can prevent your collagen to be damaged so it protects your skin to have thick lines and prevent the sun induced DNA breakage of your skin. Green tea can also remove the redness and blotching. Green tea is one of best remedy to improve your skin appearance. It will repair your damage cells.

5) Switch to plain toothpaste :

The use of tartar containing toothpastes can cause the redness and itching around your mouth which can lead to further problems. Switch to plain toothpastes. Also consult to your dermatologist as it can be the bacterial infection. Try to replace your tooth paste with simple one so you can avoid the side-effects of tartar containing toothpaste.

6) Monitor the sun exposure:

Avoid the direct exposure to sun as it has UV rays which make you skin worsen. Also avoid sitting by the glass windows as the rays also pass by them. Don’t work for more than 2 hours in sun because it’s harmful rays will destroy all your skin healing cells.

7) The choice of cleanser:

Always try using the soap free solutions of your face wash as they keep your skin moisten. However using a moisturizer or cleanser after the soap usage can also prove to be effective. Take choose best cleanser for your skin.

8) Dairy products:

The teenage girls consuming more milk products in their food are at a greater risk of developing the acne problems than those who have lesser usage. Limit the use of dairy products at your growing age

9) Medicine Cabinet :

The antibiotics, antidepressants and the oral contraceptive drugs can induce acne problems. If you find that taking antibiotics or any specific drug is triggering the problem then consult your physician because skin is very sensitive organ of our body.

10)  Full Night Sleep:

It has been found that the adults having the sleepless nights of are at a greater risk of having acne. As it causes the release of cortisols and adrenaline which triggers skin problems. So a proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours is thus needed to have a better skin.

11) Use Skin Healthy Foods :

Some healthy foods can prove to be effective against skin problems:

  • Mangoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Cocoa Flavors
  • Green tea
  • Calorie restriction diet.

12) Prevention:

Cutting the consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoke can prove to be beneficial in having a fair appearance if skin. As these contain in them the carcinogens and the nicotine products which are highly damaging for skin health leading to skin cancer problems.


From the above discussion we conclude that above steps are needed to follow to get a clear skin appearance. You just have to be a bit cautious in his/her diet plan. Try to attain a healthy lifestyle for the healing of your skin. Having a better appearance doesn’t only make you look presentable but also saves you from having discomfort in your life. Above mentioned steps also prevent you from a lot of health diseases.

How to Improve Skin Appearance
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