How to Rank Fiverr gig on First Page of Fiverr

How to Rank Fiverr gig on First Page of Fiverr. In today article I will tell you that how you can create a SEO friendly effective Gig on Fiverr that will rank on first page of fiverr…

So let’s start

First of all login to your fiverr account & switch to buyer mode. Now in Search bar type the words/niche on which you want to create your gig. Then open top 4 or 5 gigs related to your niche & copy their titles and tags in a text file. For Example I search for “Verify emails professionally” Here you can see the result


There are only 1300 gig So its mean that this is a low competition keyword & on this keyword our gig can easily get ranked. My gig on this keyword is also ranking on first page & first place. You can also check my fiverr profile by clicking the link below

How to Rank Fiverr gig on First Page of Fiverr

Now you have to copy all the titles of top Four  gigs. Now try to generate a new title for your own gig from these titles

Do you know why these gigs are ranking on fiverr first page? I think your answer is No… Don’t worry I will tell you why these gig are ranking from my personal experience. These gig are ranking on fiverr just because creator of these gigs choose low competition keywords in their title and tags which is also my strategy 

Let’s see from example

Below are the four keywords that I copied from first page of fiverr,

1) I will verify or validate emails professionally

2) I will verify validate emails professionally quick delivery

3) I will verify emails professionally and efficiently

4) I will verify or validate emails clean or professionally

 Now I will try to generate a low competition keyword title for my gig

“I will” appear with every gig on fiverr so we have to choose next keywords. Next I choose some keywords from different titles. So I choose this title “Verify email quickly and professionally”. Now I will search this title on fiverr and see the results. Here you can see that there are only 24 services available on this keyword. So on this keyword our gig can easily get ranked..

Now you have best SEO friendly title for your gig. Your next task is to copy the tags from top 4 gigs.

Following are the tags that I copied from  top 4 gigs

1) email verification, data collection, data entry, email addresses, email validation

2) email verification, email verify, email blast,  email validation

3) email verification, bulk email addresses

4) validate, verification, verify, email addresses, mail marketing

Now try to generate some new tags from these tags (Maximum 5 tags)

As our services is email verification so first tag is

  1. email verification

For other tags you can choose one from each which is most related to your gig.

For example I choose the following tags
  • Email marketing
  • bulk email addresses verification
  •  Email validation
  • Email blast

So Now we have a very Nice SEO friendly Title & Best five tags for our gig. Now simply switch to selling mode & start creating your gig, While creating your gig please keep in mind that price show be very competitive

First see the prices of your top competitors and your gig price for all three packages

  1. Basic  2) Standard  & 3) Premium

Should be less at starting But when you gig get ranked & you start getting orders then you can increase your gig price.

By this very simple & very effective way you can create your SEO Friendly gig. This is my personally tested method…. & believe me if you create your gig in this way your gig will definitely get ranked on first page of Fiverr like me…..

Outstanding Tricks To Put Fiverr Gigs On The Home Page:

  • Make the right SEO on your Gig page
  • You must use the appropriate tags in the Gig. In fact, you should find good Keywords used by people to search for different services related to your Gig.
  • You must attach high quality photos to Gig. I’ve seen a lot of people attach low-resolution images to their Gig which isn’t a good idea.
  • Attach the appropriate video to your gig. The best thing would be to use your video for your gig, it has a higher chance of being selected as a Top Gig.
  • Remember After selecting the complete tags, when you are about to make a video for your Gig, write down all the tag keywords and add these keywords to your videos.
  • Your voice should be clear on your gig. Use a good microphone to reduce the volume in the voice.
  • Try to use 3 packages regularly for your Gig.
  • promote your Gigs on Social Media
  • create multiple gigs in the same category
  • Use the FAQ correctly so if anyone comes to see the Gig, all the questions in his mind should be clear about Reading Frequently Asked Questions.
  • As you know there is a word limit in the description, so you can define your gigs by inserting a PDF file into your gig too, so always attach a PDF file to better describe your gigs.
  • Try to keep your response rate above 90% and resubmit orders on time.
  • Be friendly with your client and providing a Top Quality service will lead you to get a Good Review which is one of the most important things.

If you follow all these things I can assure you that your Gig will be on top soon. Remember that Quality Service is one of the Major Factor so provide what you can to your customers. Be patient and one day you will shine.

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If you have any question you can ask in comments section below.

How to Rank Fiverr gig on First Page of Fiverr
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