Best Immunity Boosting Foods Against Corona Virus


Today we are going to talk about Best Immunity Boosting Foods Against Corona Virus. As we all know about the Symptoms and Signs of corona virus and most of the information is available at internet and social media.

Outbreak of disease started from China and reached Pakistan. There is no medicine available, that can fight corona virus. How there is relationship between diet and corona virus? We can only boost immunity by eating certain food. Out of hundred patients of corona virus only 2 are vulnerable to die because those are having weak immunity.

Children and old age people are more vulnerable to and die from corona virus because they have weak immunity, only thing that can help us fight against coronavirus is a healthy diet.

Best Immunity Boosting Foods Against Corona Virus:

  • Most important thing to boost our immunity is vitamin c. Vitamin C is mostly available in citrus fruits such as Orange, lemon .If you are allergic to vitamin C, you can take supplements that can help to compensate its deficiency.
  • Second most important is Iron that can uplift our immunity. In Pakistan specifically iron deficiency is reported mostly in women. Iron is very rich in beef and Mutton. Chicken, fish and cereals also have small amounts of iron. If someone has iron deficiency to alarming level then you should instantly switch towards supplementation along with beef and mutton. Organ meat doesn’t sound appealing to some people but it’s the time to get rid of all the taste related concerns.
  • Third most important thing that helps to boost immunity is zinc. It is present in fish, dark chocolate, eggs. Supplements are also available for zinc, along with immunity it is also good for hair, nail and skin.
  •  Most important thing is balanced diet. if someone is dieting at such times, is not the sensible idea to go with, if you are really concerned about your physique and body then you should consult physician or a dietetics they will give you complete diet plan. Balanced diet contains dairy products, handful of nuts along with large amount of water intake.

How to Improve your immune system against Coronavirus:

1. Eat nutritious and varied foods:

Simply put, no diet or supplements can ‘boost’ our immune system and prevent or treat COVID-19. However, eating a balanced, nutritious diet, whole grains, plant and animal proteins and healthy fats is the best way to get all the essential nutrients we need for good health and normal body function. As isolation can lead to overwork, it is also important to pay close attention to food portions and keep our energy adjusted to meet our needs.

2. Establish a routine and get used to a sensible diet:

In times of uncertainty, it is normal to feel some anxiety, sadness, depression, and fear. Maintaining a regular daily routine can help manage some of these stressors. One way we can do this is by sticking to regular meals and planning ahead. This can help us to better manage our hunger levels, meet our nutritional needs and allow us to get the most out of our food, reducing food waste.

During a long period of stress we may find ourselves eating more than we need. Also, prolonged stay at home can also cause us to become less stressed. Exercising habits of mindfulness can be a useful way to maintain a healthy relationship with food and to help us balance our energy.

3. drink more water:

Keeping hydrated is important for life. How much water we need depends on our age, gender, weight, height, level of physical activity and environmental conditions (eg hot weather may require you to drink a lot of water). Considering that about 20-30% of the water we need comes from our diet, the European Food Safety Authority has set standard recommendations for how much water we should drink per day depending on our age.

If you have access to safe tap water, this is a healthy and cheap drink. For a refreshing refresh, you can add slices of lemon, cucumber, mint or berries. Other beverages such as unsweetened coffee and tea or iced tea, or sugar-free water, added or flavored (glowing) are also good hydration options.

4. Proper Sleep:

A good 7-8 hour snack is the best way to help your body build antibodies; sleep deprivation will leave you tired and disrupt your mental function. Lack of sleep will prevent the body from resting and this will interfere with other bodily functions that will have a direct impact on your immune system. Lack of sleep adversely affects the action of the flu vaccine.

5. Practice safe food hygiene:

According to the European Food Safety Authority, there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through food. However, good food safety measures are important to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

When transferring or preparing food, be sure to:

  1. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap before and after eating food.
  2. Cover your mouth and nose with your tissue or arm when you cough or sneeze and remember to wash your hands behind your back.
  3. Wash fruits and vegetables before eating.
  4. Disinfect places and objects before and after use.
  5. Keep raw foods cooked separately to avoid harmful germs from raw foods that spread to ready-to-eat foods.
  6. Use a variety of utensils / cutting boards for raw and cooked foods to prevent contamination.
  7. Be sure to cook and refrigerate at room temperature (-72 ° C for 2 minutes).

Precautionary measures:

Pakistan is among those countries where there is no training available at small or large level. It is totally unsafe to eat  from outside whether there is 5 star hotel or street food.

Junk food contains a lot of calories but there are no such essential nutrients that can boost immunity so it is better to avoid outside Food specifically junk food. Children should be given extraordinary attention in such times Because their immunity level is very low so they are more vulnerable to get Corona.

We should avoid giving them snacks and outside food. Make their indoor activities more often. Ensure large amount of filtered and pure water intake. Ensure children’s tools, feeders and toys to be completely sanitized and monitored.

Best Immunity Boosting Foods Against Corona Virus
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