Senna Makki & COVID-19

Senna Makki & COVID-19. Today we are going to talk about Senna makki leaves, & its significance specifically related to corona virus. If taken in large quantities, is it harmful or not? Its advantages and disadvantages, we are going to address all these things in this article.

A Video went viral in which a Hakeem was claiming  Senna makki to be the cure to corona virus. If cure to COVID -19 is so simple then How is this possible that developed countries such as USA, China, Italy suffered so much. They are far more advance in researches in every field.

Sena makki helps in boosting our immune system. Taking one dose of Senna makki can’t make your immunity strong enough to make you fearless of corona virus. Immunity is growing at micro levels can’t be boosted in minutes whatever booster you are taking. It depends upon consistency of taking immunity uplifting things regularly; moreover life style is the biggest key to it.

How to Use:

It is used to create immunity slowly. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Certain skin conditions such as Syros’s can be helpful along with medical treatment because of its anti-fungal properties.

It’s seen to be helpful but it is not the complete treatment. It is natural laxative, helpful in constipation, piles, and hemorrhoids. Just like turmeric capsules, Senna makki capsules have been made in UK which is used to treat constipation patients.

In Pakistan we haven’t build tolerance against Senna makki as it’s not been a part of our diet. So it is seen to cause diarrhea. Hence it should be taken in very small quantities at the beginning, when you feel tolerance is developed can switch to one table spoon daily.

Its leaves can be added in food, 2 to 3 are more than enough in the starting, and later on after tolerance is developed you can switch to 6 leaves. It tastes pleasant. You can take it with kehwa of lemon grass and green tea. If you take more than two to three leave can have side effects. Initially take it twice a week. You can also drink it by blending the leaves .

What is the typical use of Senna Makki?

It is very helpful for bowel movements; sennosides in the leaves are responsible for creating intestinal movements. It is also used in colon cleansing and is therefore widely used before colonoscopies.

In addition, it helps to reduce the problems caused by intestinal problems such as constipation. Senna Makki has been prescribed for relief from hemorrhoids, a condition marked by ruptured arteries of the rectum that can cause bleeding, itching and pain during menstruation.

It is also used by patients with hip problems. Similarly, people with severe bowel disease also use it. Many people have also used it to lose weight again because it is a drug.

How did Senna Makki relate to COVID-19?

The above-mentioned uses will confuse a person when considering within the context of COVID-19. Generally, senna leaves have been used for digestive health purposes only.

However, the intestinal tract plays an important role in the body’s defenses. The intestines are a major source of immunity, and anything that enters the haywire will inevitably affect the functioning of the body.

Constipation, therefore, is a sign of immune infection; prevents the absorption of nutrients in the body and disrupts the balance of good bacteria that help the body prevent infections, etc. As the senna leaves to remedy the situation, it strengthens a major source of self-defense. This helps the body fight coronavirus better.

Therefore, in the case of coronavirus again, Senna Makki’s anti-inflammatory properties are very useful.

Side effects:

It upsets your stomach and digestion related problems so it is not recommended for corona patients. Because they are taking certain measurements to boost their immunity so it is not affordable to have digestion related problems and worsen the situation.

But if some patient really want to take it, take  in minute quantities according to their tolerance. It can cause dryness in your body as it is a laxative, corona patient cannot afford dryness in their body.

So, should you eat the senna leaves?

The energy of the leaves is somehow lost to humans, who consume senna leaf tea in large quantities. Even if it is a drug, it is still very dangerous if not eaten as prescribed.

 There have been cases of people suffering from liver or nerve damage, and fainting when they are abusing a lot of drugs. Senna leaves can also lead to dependence on bowel movements.

In addition, the leaves are not safe for everyone to eat. Only people over the age of 12 should take them. It is not safe for pregnant women to drink tea, and nursing mothers can drink it, in just a few minutes. Tea should not be drunk for more than 7 days straight.


Senna makki has many uses such as building immunity, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, certain skin conditions such as Eczema, natural laxative for constipation.

There is not much scientific evidence to confirm the effectiveness of senna leaves. Doctors are willing to accept only the protective boost you give, but nothing more. Unless proper clinical trials are held, they cannot be legalized as a cure for viral infections. Some have an even more aggressive disposition, calling it a misinformation.

However, it boosts the immune system, which in turn cures the disease, and, in turn, improves the immune system.

But taken in large quantities upset your stomach and digestive system, so take in small quantities initially from 2 to 3 leaves in the form of kehwa or drink.

For corona patients it can worsen the situation if they are intolerant to it. So in such conditions experimentation is not recommendable. Cutting long story short if Senna makki to be corona virus cure then why the whole world is suffering, though it builds immunity but not over night just like other immunity boosting elements.

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