Inversion Method for Hair Growth: Does It Actually Work?

inversion method

The inversion method is said to help you grow your hair an extra inch or two per month. inversion method increases blood flow to the scalp. and increase your hair grows 1-4 inches in 1 month If you follow it properly.

It is a very important method for all females, who want long and healthy hair. So you will get healthier & long hair by doing the Inversion Method. 

In this article, I am going to tell you about the Inversion Method, How to use this method, what is the proper way to use it for hair growth, and who can use it and who cannot. 

inversion method

Before doing the inversion method:

So to know whether your hair gets longer or not, Wash off your hair, comb them, and take a picture from the backside. To see the difference, take a picture after 1month.

People who have less hair growth, their hair grow at least 1 inch longer if you are not having an infection or internal problem. People who have normal hair growth, their hair grow 3-4inches.

What do you need for this method?

The method is very easy, everything will be at your home and nothing will be expensive. Take any 2 oils like I will prefer Mustard and Coconut Oil.

Option 2: If you are having a dandruff issue take any oil and add 3-4 drops of Tea tree oil and if you are not having tea tree oil adds a few drops of lemon juice. 

Do not worry that lemon will make your hair grey. If you apply lemon directly on your hair it may change your hair color, due to its bleaching properties. 

But when it is mixed with oil its bleaching properties vanishes/reduces and doesn’t change your hair color into yellow, white, or golden. 

Option 3: Take any 2 oils and add onion juice in the same quantity as oil. 

How to do this method? 

Always remember to take an appropriate quantity of oil according to your hair length If you are having small hair2-3tbsp of oil will be more than enough and if you are having long hair take oil quantity which can easily cover all your hair.

After mixing oils, slightly warm the oil for 10secs and you can also use the microwave if you having it. Apply that lukewarm oil on your hair. Warm the oil as much as it is bearable to your scalp.

Method of Application:

First step:

The first step is to Comb your hair to detangle. Now divide your hair into sections, and massage oil on your hair with your fingers as you do it in a routine. Do not apply it at once on all your hair, divide them into sections so that oil covers all your hair. 

Never forget the backside of your hair because we mostly apply oil on front hair and ignores the backside. And don’t forget to apply oil to the temple zone.

After the oil is applied on all your hair, massage it for 3mins. Remember massage for 3-5mins as your purpose is to nourish your hair. 

So put a timer of 3-5mins do not massage less than 3-5mins even if your hands get tired Remember the Phrase: “NO PAIN NO GAIN”.

Massage well with the help of your fingers and do not massage roughly to avoid hair fall. 

Second step:

the next step will be the Important step of the Inversion Method. Slowly, with the help of hands, bring your hair to the front. Avoid any jerk as it may result in any joint or other problems.

As you have brought all your hair in front, without applying any oil massage your whole scalp from (back, front, sides). The Benefit of hanging your head will increase the Blood Circulation in your hair, resulting in quick hair growth.

Massage in this position for 5-10mins In the first step u have to massage for 3mins and in this step u have to massage for 5-10mins and your head will hang in front throughout.

If you feel that in some areas the oil is insufficient apply more oil. So after massaging for 5 mins, Slowly (without any jerk) come back to your original position and make a bun/braid or whatever is suitable to you.

Keep the oil for 2-3 hours on your hair and after that shampoo your hair.So this was the Inversion method you have seen it is so easy and inexpensive. 

Things to remember:

if you are adding onion in your oil, onion is no doubt good for hair growth and reduces dandruff but it doesn’t suit some people and results in hair fall.

So if you face hair fall problem after using it for 1st time I will suggest you not to add the onion. 

Add Tea tree oil/Lemon if you having a dandruff problem. But if you are not having any problem simply mix both oils and apply.

when you have to apply it?

you have to Continue it for the next 7days from the day u started without any gap. Do it daily. you can change your oil or add any essential oil like peppermint oil, rosemary oil, Tea tree oil, or Avacado Oil which is so good for hair. 

But if you do not have any essential oil then simply use 2 oils like Mustard oil and Coconut oil, both are good for hair. 

Take it in pure form from any herbs shop. The pure form will give more good impact.

The 1st thing you have to do is take a picture of your hair on day 1. This will help u to see how much your hair grows at the end of the month. 

The 2nd thing is, you have to do this method for 7days from the day you have started. Do it daily for 8-15 mins Massage 3-5mins before the inversion method and 5-10 mins after for 7days. 

After these 7days you will not apply any oil for the rest 3 weeks after 3 weeks comb your hair and take a picture of your hair to see the hair growth. 

During these 7days of oiling, keep oil for 1-2 hours on your hair. In winter do not keep it for a night on your hair as you can get flu.

When you will not get result?

Do it for 3 months consecutively. 7 days Of inversion Method and then apply no other oil for rest 3 weeks. I m sure you will see clear hair growth in these 3months. 

If you cannot do it for 1 week or you think you are lazy to do this then I m telling you not to start it as you will not get any results.

you have to do this for consecutive 7days. If you are giving a gap then you will not get results. 

Who should not do the Inversion Method?

People who cannot do this are:

1) Pregnant Women, as bending forward, your weight will shift to your abdomen area or it can affect you back So pregnant females should avoid doing this. 

2) Heart Patients 

3) Kidney Issues like a kidney stone

4) Hernia 

5) Any abdominal surgery 

6) High or Low BP 

7) The joint issue especially knee joint as all our weights shifts to the knee when we bend.

8) Any back Injury 

Who can do it?

Females who are conceiving, having hormonal issues, thyroid Issues or you weak, etc you can do this method. Any age group you can do this whether in teens or 20,30.

when can we do this? 

you can do this during any time but the thing is you have to do this for 7 days.

It is a very easy method just massage oil on your hair for 3 mins. Do not only apply on roots but also apply it on all hair. it will reduce the frizziness and split ends.

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